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Harriet Tubman once said: "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world."

President Davie Jane Gilmour chats with students, from left, Brandon S. Haney, Kacie L. Weaver and Kathrine E. Dixon in the courtyard outside the Keystone Dining Room. Photo by Cindy Davis Meixel.A "great dream begins with a dreamer" describes the foundation of Pennsylvania College of Technology. As we prepare to celebrate our centennial, we are studying our past and the role of the architects whose vision and dream of a world-class institution formed the bedrock of today’s Penn College. The early dreamers/architects established the footprint, provided buildings – some of which still stand – and identified the institutional focus. Later dreamers extended the scope, building on the work of their predecessors. We continue in that tradition today.

One dream was realized this year with an almost literal "reach for the stars" as from the sky came a retired FedEx Express Boeing 727 airplane, our largest-to-date donation. This year, we sent more than 1,400 graduates – our stars – into the world with "degrees that work." And we completed our decennial accreditation evaluation. As a result, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education reaffirmed our accreditation in June and commended the quality of our process.

We will look to be a national leader as we keep our focus on providing our students an exemplary educational experience.

The self-study that accompanies the reaccreditation process was important to us as an institution, and assessment will continue to be our key to success. It tells us how we are doing. It helps us ask: Are we true to our mission, and are our students getting what we say they are? I am very proud of the high-quality education we provide for students, and I look for our continuous self-assessment and development as an institution.

The visiting Middle States team noted in its findings that it was impressed with the college’s mission and the degree to which the community has embraced it.

That mission – to provide a comprehensive, hands-on technical education and to sustain excellence in a student-centered environment – requires "strength, patience and passion." What we accomplish sets us apart; we apply our best efforts to what we do.

Gov. Tom Corbett recognized our efforts; in his 2012 budget recommendations, he proposed protective funding for Penn College based on our focus on "providing students with the technical and practical skills needed in the new global economy."

Making sure students are prepared for jobs – and for life – has been the heart of the institution since its beginnings. For nearly 100 years, we have created opportunities out of challenges: World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, postwar recovery, the social change of the 1960s and economic challenges throughout our history.

Tested anew by our current challenge – resulting from the world economic outlook – required very tough decisions that impacted lives, families and friends. We examined our operations, our functions and our services; we determined how best to maintain our services to students while making staffing reductions – the first such action in 40 years.

An ancient proverb says that storms make oaks grow roots. Our roots are strong, and we emerge from challenges with renewed strength and focus. We have to be self-sufficient, careful with our money and steadfast to the values we cite for Penn College and ourselves.

We are providing "degrees that work," meeting our long-held vision of being the state’s premier technical college. The question is: Where do we go from here? How will the "great dream" be extended?

The answer lies in a new vision statement establishing a new direction for us: "Pennsylvania College of Technology, a national leader in applied technology education." As we look to be a national leader, we will keep our focus on our students and doing all we can to provide an exemplary educational experience, both inside and outside the classroom.

Thus we continue to take the dream that established Williamsport Technical Institute and the commitment to provide workforce training to its next level. Williamsport Area Community College accepted the dual mission of training and educating, democratizing educational opportunity. Educational opportunity reached its next level with the creation of Pennsylvania College of Technology, establishing a comprehensive four-year college that aimed to be Pennsylvania’s Premier Technical College. Now, with this new vision, the institution’s scope is again extended and the dream enlarged, aiming to serve the nation’s workforce needs.

Davie Jane Gilmour

Davie Jane Gilmour, Ph.D.

The Penn College Fund Employee Campaign raised a record $108,708, a 4.5-percent increase over 2010-11.

Operating Budget $97,988,663
State Appropriation $13,301,000

5.27-percent decrease from prior year

Restricted Funds

Grants, contracts and restricted donations $13,219,878

Auxiliary Funds $23,707,656

Tuition & Fees

Pennsylvania residents

Tuition per credit hour $379

Tuition and fees per credit hour $453

Annual tuition and fees $13,590

based on 15 credits per semester
3.90-percent increase over prior year

Out-of-state residents

Tuition per credit hour $493

Tuition and fees per credit hour $567

Annual tuition and fees $17,010

based on 15 credits per semester

Fees include

Per-credit-hour technology fee $16

Per-credit-hour capital fee $45

Per-credit-hour laboratory fee $36

Per-credit-hour student activity fee $8

Per-credit-hour health service fee $5


Grants and contracts awarded to Penn College in 2011-12 supported 25 projects valued in excess of $10.1 million.


Penn College and the Penn College Foundation received in-kind donations of equipment, technology, materials and supplies from business and industry for instructional purposes valued at $1,105,735 and cash donations totaling $1,084,145 for a total of $2,189,880.

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