CalJava International Wedding Cake Competition

Trinity Episcopal ChurchThe Grand Prize-winning entry for the fifth annual CalJava International Wedding Cake Competition was designed by Allison K. Myers, who earned a degree in baking and pastry arts in May. The competition – which featured entries from 14 students in an advanced decorating course – is sponsored by Daniel Budiman, owner of cake and decorating supply company CalJava International. During visits to campus, he observed the students' talent and creativity and conceived the contest to encourage them to push their skills to a higher level. PCToday article.

Beauty Fleeting – David L. Evans, professor of biology

Steve asked me, "How do I catch a butterfly?" I told him that to catch a butterfly, you must be a butterfly, meaning that you must think like the animal. Many a prospective entomologist has made a fool of himself by chasing butterflies – they can easily outfly you! But if you think like a butterfly, wanting some lovely nectar from a flower, you almost always will bag your bug!

Butterfly. Photo by Larry KauffmanSteve (the names have been changed) was an autistic child in the "Bug Camp"that I used to direct on Pennsylvania College of Technology’s campus, and thinking of him madte me think of all the other insect-fanciers I have worked with over the years. The fine adult men and women who acted as my mentors are certainly among those folks. Also, there was the lovely late spring morning in the mountains of Lebanon, collecting for a friend in Germany, with my baby son on my back, accompanied by his grandfather – three generations of lepidopterists!

What a joy African butterflies were! I remember one afternoon coming across a jungle glen to see a cloud of flying jewels. How about the time I was with my much older son in a Costa Rican dwarf forest and saw a squadron of the rare blue heliconius?

But most of all, I think of Jackie. Jackie was the best male friend I ever had. Jackie had Down syndrome. We would spend hours and days together, moving from one group of desert flowers to the next in the frying Arizona sun. The desert rosewood flowers were a dependable stop for the two young bug collectors. Those were wonderful, innocent times, and I will remember him until I die. He and I won many blue ribbons in the county fair for our insect collections; eventually, I won several major prizes and even a scholarship to the University of Arizona. But Jackie never would go down the long trail I have traveled.

You see, we were also into baseball: him – passionately; me – a sometimes right fielder with more interest in cloud-gazing than baseball-playing. One day in the middle of a game, as I warmed a bench, Jackie suddenly fell over dead at shortstop – his fragile heart would fly no longer. Nobody had told the young David that, in those days, a diagnosis of Down syndrome was often a diagnosis of early death from cardiac failure.

I haven’t had an insect collection of my own for decades; I gave everything away. But my mind still flies back to those wonderful afternoons at the desert rosewood. ■

Were You There? Cover

Were You There? The Evolution of a College Campus

This 100+ page book takes viewers on a journey through the institution's rich history, from the inception of adult classes at the Williamsport High School in 1914, through its evolution into Williamsport Technical Institute, Williamsport Area Community College, and present-day Penn College.

Net proceeds from the sale of Were You There? The Evolution of A College Campus will become permanently restricted funds that will be invested to create income used for annual scholarship awards from the Penn College Endowed Alumni Scholarship.

Kaleidoscope – The Alumni Exhibit

The Gallery at Penn College will showcase the many artistic facets of the alumni community! This juried exhibit is open to all alumni of Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport Area Community College and Williamsport Technical Institute.

Original works of art in all media are eligible, and cash prizes will be awarded. Details and entry information may be found on The Gallery's website. Submit your creative work for the first alumni art show!

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Summer 2010On the cover: Technology management student Deborah A. Fassman, left, and her children, Courtney and Noah, work together to juggle schoolwork and the family farm. Courtney, 20, is a student in ornamental horticulture: retail management; Noah, 16, is determined to enroll in the college's on-site power generation major with a minor in diesel technology. And Courtney is engaged to marry a 2009 Penn College alumnus of the diesel technology major. "I guess you could say we're a Penn College family, 100 percent," Deborah says. Read the article.

Summer 2010