Penn College Offers Three New Degrees

Pennsylvania College of Technology offers three new majors:

Associate of Applied Science: Renewable Energy Technologies

"Renewable energy will be a hot topic for years to come due to depletion of our natural resources and reliance on fossil fuels," said Marc E. Bridgens, dean of construction and design technologies at Penn College. "With all the national and local emphasis on our 'carbon footprint,' it’s only natural that we get involved in teaching these up-to-date technologies." (article | College Catalog)

Bachelor of Science: Web Design and Multimedia

"In building this degree, we mainly looked at taking two-year graphic design students and giving them business and information technology skills," explained Pat Coulter, associate professor of computer science. "The result is that we will be graduating a very well-rounded person."

A growing need exists for employees who can express a company’s message and image by creating artistic and professional designs using the latest Web and multimedia tools and techniques. Career opportunities include Web designers and developers, multimedia specialists and positions in Internet publishing. (article | College Catalog)

Bachelor of Science: Industrial and Human Factors Design

In line with the modern marketplace – in which consumers no longer want products that simply get the job done, but expect goods that are also ergonomic and beautiful – industrial and human factors designers synthesize creativity and an understanding of aesthetics with a knowledge of usability and cultural norms to develop products that people use every day.

"Industrial and human factors designers make beautiful things that work well," said Thomas E. Ask, associate professor of industrial and human factors design. (article | College Catalog)