Each academic year, signs of success are visible across the Pennsylvania College of Technology campus. Less obvious to the general observer are the day-to-day accomplishments that drive the institution toward achievement of its mission and goals.

At the conclusion of the 2009-10 academic year, each member of the President's Council offered a recounting of the most notable accomplishments that took place within his or her area of responsibility. One College Avenue is pleased to share this listing of noteworthy activities that occurred in departments across campus in the last academic year.


  1. Senior Vice President
  2. Academic Affairs
  3. Student Affairs
  4. Institutional Advancement
  5. Business Affairs
  6. Information Technology and Business
  7. College Information and Community Relations

Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

Assessment, Research and Planning
  • Revised the planning process, securing College Council and College Board approval
Benaiah K. Tucci leads a tour past the Bush Campus Center during Fall Open House. Photo by Michael S. Fischer
  • Re-introduction of Career Link visits into the admissions representatives' travel schedule
  • Record attendance at Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Open Houses
  • Hosted special Open House registration events in the fall and spring
  • Implemented a communication plan to high school counselors and educators for Open House, FAFSA completion days, Counselor/Educator Day, holiday cards and Career and Technical Education Week.
Financial Aid
  • Direct lending implemented effective May 1, 2010
  • Significantly increased the number of Federal Pell Grant recipients in the summer of 2009 (compared to previous summers) thanks to the new year-round Pell government regulation.
  • Hired three Veterans Administration work-study students to assist students and VA coordinator in the paperwork and administration of VA and financial aid benefits with related press coverage.
  • Worked with the Vet Center, Penn College Disability Services, and others to present a Transitions Services Seminar to veteran students, their families and the general public.
Registrar's Office
  • Implemented individual Scheduling Access Numbers for current students for the Summer and Fall 2010 scheduling period.
Grants and Contracts
  • There are 57 projects active in excess of $33 million, with 45 projects valued at $19 million under development. Active projects include the $9 million WEDnetPA project.
  • Acquisition of instructional equipment and software required to maintain technological currency and respond to local and regional workforce needs.
  • Direct student support services including individual, small-group, and large-group tutoring; supplemental instruction; special assistance for individuals with disabilities; student success/retention workshops; and support services for students in nontraditional career majors.
  • Administration, coordination, and delivery of the statewide Guaranteed Free Training Program under the Customized Job Training Act.
  • Sports programming equipment and travel.
  • Student research opportunities (National Institute of Standards & Technology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship).
  • National Center of Excellence development (Thermoforming, Welding).
  • Madigan Library acquisitions.
  • Sustainable energy curriculum, lab improvement, faculty professional development, and workforce development (Wind Energy Workforce Development, Solar Scholars, Sustainable Energy Conference).
  • Children's Learning Center staffing, professional development and supplies.
  • Career-specific tuition assistance and clinical affiliations (Caterpillar, Power Generation, Nursing Education Grants, and Radiography).
  • Curriculum alignment, dual enrollment, articulation agreements, student recruitment, and secondary professional development activities (Workforce Leadership, Tech Prep, Career Development Leaders Network, Educator in the Workplace, School Counts).
  • Summer camp support.
  • Specialized statewide assessment, training, and technical assistance conducted by the Factory Built Housing Center and Weatherization Training Center.
  • Industry-specific training and product/process development projects, designed and delivered by the Plastics Manufacturing Center and Workforce Development & Continuing Education.
  • Student career assessment and exploration, need-based tuition assistance.
  • Community outreach and student health promotion events, including drug and alcohol awareness and tobacco-use reduction.
Workforce Development & Continuing Education
  • The Marcellus Shale Education & Training Center was created to specifically address the workforce development needs of the expanding natural gas industry. Penn College's Workforce Development & Continuing Education teamed with Penn State Cooperative Extension to form the new center and to provide a variety of services to the industry. Major activities this year include:
    • Publication of a 14-county workforce needs assessment
    • Receiving a contract for a statewide economic impact study and a statewide workforce assessment
    • Implementing a comprehensive roustabout training program
    • Initiating a commercial driver's license training program specifically for the natural gas industry
    • Providing leadership for a statewide workforce development consortium of providers (ShaleNET)
    • Hosting a statewide forum for the natural gas industry and workforce development/training providers
  • To support the commonwealth's energy conservation training needs, the Weatherization Training Center doubled its staff, lab, and classroom space. The number of students trained increased from an annual average of 300 to over 2,000 in 2009-10. WTC also provided leadership and support to Pennsylvania in opening six additional training centers across the state and designing and implementing a statewide worker and instructor certification system. In addition, the WTC was awarded a federal Department of Energy project to develop additional training capacity, develop new curriculum, and assist other states in implementing a worker certification system.
  • The Plastics Manufacturing Center at Penn College was successful in obtaining both government and private-sector funding to create a Thermoforming Center of Excellence to serve the needs of Pennsylvania industry and to provide additional technology education to students in Penn College's plastics engineering technology programs. The new Thermoforming Center of Excellence officially opened in April 2010.
General Services
  • Continued construction on the Stage X building program
  • Completed over $500,000 in facility renovations, including
    • Gym bleacher, floor and basket and shot clock replacement
    • Professional Development Center roof replacement
    • Earth Science Center lab lighting upgrade
    • Campus View Apartments air conditioning
    • Juniata Hall bath and kitchens
  • Purchased two properties on Vine Avenue and demolished them in preparation for a new masonry building
  • Secured and prepared alternate educational facilities for welding, biology and chemistry, including equipment relocation and return to campus
Advisement Center
  • Began to offer off-site testing as an option for incoming students who are required to placement test
  • Began offering Web versions of the test-day presentations for parents/guests and for students
  • Established the Advisement Center as a CLEP testing center
Outreach for K-12 Office
  • Outreach for K-12 provided leadership for the National Center for Welding Education and Training (Weld-Ed) in the development of a national core curriculum for welding technicians.
  • Year five implementation of Penn College NOW, the college's dual-enrollment program, resulted in 371 students enrolled in 19 high schools and career and technical schools. The 1,506 credits were earned in 11 Penn College majors. Expansion plans for next year have been implemented in six additional high schools and career and technical centers in two additional Penn College majors.
  • A three-year National Science Foundation-Advanced Technology Education grant was received to support dual enrollment in majors related to the Natural Gas Industry.
  • As part of the Central Pennsylvania Gold Medal Initiative, Educator in the Workplace tours were conducted with five local businesses and industry groups in the central Pennsylvania region. Forty-four educators participated in the tours and industry discussions.
  • More than 2,400 high school students in the central Pennsylvania region were encouraged to increase their school attendance and performance in school by enrolling to earn a School Counts! certificate. Major regional employers of high school students that honor the certificate along with more than 150 local employers include Burger King and Weis Markets.
  • The Career Development Leaders Network, under the leadership of Outreach for K-12, created materials to support the state's Standards Aligned System for the Career Education and Work Standards. These items provide the approved curriculum framework for the state's required Academic Standards for Career Education and Work.
Human Resources
  • Concluded implementation of People Admin software
Employee Relations
  • Establishment of a new Employee Relations Office at the college
  • Addition of two online refresher courses to the college's online harassment prevention training

Academic Affairs

  • Approved two new Bachelor of Science majors: web design and multimedia, and industrial and human factors design.
  • Approved a new Associate of Applied Science major, renewable energy.
  • Approved a new minor, IAS risk analyst.
  • Approved a new competency credential, national security telecommunications and systems security.
  • Approved 11 new individual courses (not part of a major), including a mathematics/cultural diversity course with a short-term international experience.
  • Revised curriculum manual: 1) included definitions of various types of credit hours, 2) added curriculum reviewer guidelines, 3) added guidelines for curriculum developers.
  • Developed and offered a curriculum development workshop for Health Sciences directors and dean.
International Programs
Penn College dental hygiene student Billie Jo L. Anderson engages children in a fluoride experiment during dental hygiene students' service trip to La Escuelita in Nicaragua. Photo by Rhonda J. Seebold
  • Completed new proposals for three short-term international experiences for academic credit in Italy, England/France/Italy, and Central America.
  • Distributed Chinese-language information brochures to multiple Chinese educational services organizations; four firm responses, of which we made three follow-up contacts.
  • Plastics students completed a short-term academic program at Queen's University in Ireland.
  • Dental Hygiene students completed a successful international mission experience in Nicaragua.
Middle States Accreditation Self-Study
  • Established study groups, steering committee, arranged a college-wide activity for input to the study groups.
  • Wrote design document, subsequently approved by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • Attended a Middle States conference for institutions approaching an accreditation visit.
Transfer Students/PATRAC/TAOC
  • Reviewed and updated as necessary all post-secondary articulations; created electronic database for articulation list; and converted all paper copies to electronic files for submission to Pennsylvania Department of Education and Penn College website.
  • Assisted with development of online database for equivalency of Penn College courses to other institutions currently on the AS400 database.
  • Assisted with development of transfer-student page on the Penn College website.
  • Assisted with successful National Science Foundation grant proposal for "Natural Gas Technician Education Partnership" for developing new/revised curriculum related to natural gas industry educational competencies.
  • Identified all green, gas and energy curricula for identification on the Penn College website for marketing purposes.
  • Revised Faculty Development Evaluation Plan to include counselors and librarians and to integrate evaluation of distance-learning classes with current practices.
  • Completed pilot for online student evaluations of courses/instructors. Implementation scheduled for Fall 2010 for all adjunct, distance learning and off-cycle faculty.
  • Completed new faculty orientation, FAC100 and FAC101 for 16 new faculty members.
  • Reviewed all probationary and on-cycle evaluation materials prior to submitting to Human Resources.
  • Developed and offered a review of the Agreement for New Assistant Deans and Directors
  • Developed a Retention of Graded Materials Policy and Procedure
  • Developed framework for a portal-based faculty handbook; development is approximately 50 percent complete.
  • Hosted a discussion panel on the topic, "The Future of the Two-Year Engineering Technology Pipeline: Issues and Responses" for the Engineering Technology Leadership Institute Conference at Penn State in October 2009.
  • Developed and offered two adjunct staff development days at the Fall 2009 semester startup, a Saturday session and a Wednesday evening session, which included multiple topic tracks and speakers.

Instructional Equipment Donations

  • The college received 21 copies of Forensic Tool Kits with keys and licenses from AccessData Corp. for use in the Information Assurance and Security Concentration for a total value of $61,895 ($2,995 each).
  • Honeywell donated 40 resistors. 10 transformers, 10 IRC actuators, 10 VAV Controllers-ED with external wiring sub base, 10 half-ring size steel subpanels, 10 power sources (24 VAC), 10 wall modules, 10 FTT/LPT termination modules, 10 plug-in transformers, 10 controllers, one D-Link 16-port switches and 10 Ethernet to LON Routers valued at $86,000.
  • Siemens donated six S300 series programmable logic controllers with touch-screen interface to the electronics and computer engineering technology and robotics and automation majors valued at $33,000.
  • ESAB Welding and Cutting Products donated 21,484 pounds of welding consumables to the welding program for a total of $50,334.56.
  • Geiss Thermoforming USA entrusted the college with a CNC machine to be used in the college's new Thermoforming Center of Excellence.
  • The college received equipment from Testing Machines Inc. for a grant from the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation. As part of the grant, Penn College will perform testing for the ICPF and integrate ICPF course materials into our curricula. Jim Lentz is administering the grant valued at $49,377.
  • The college received a Five-Color Polly Press from Jessup Prison in Maryland. The press, valued at $29,000, was donated by Chris Kendig, a member of the Graphic Communication Management Advisory Committee.
  • Cummins Bridgeway donated partial purchase of four turnkey engines to diesel technology – a $53,756 value.
  • The Helicopter Museum donated a Boeing B105 (Bocal) helicopter valued at $25,000.

Major Community Impact Off Campus

Business and Computer Technologies
  • SIFE students were involved with multiple community service projects, the largest being Campbell Soup's "Let's Can Hunger" project.
  • In its fourth year, Phil Landers, professor of business administration/management, and several accounting and paralegal students participated in the IRS-authorized Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.
  • Information Assurance and Security faculty members Jacob Miller, Sandra Gorka and Lisa Bock guest-lectured at Curtin Middle School's lunchtime honors program on security-related topics.
Construction and Design Technologies
  • A number of off-campus projects were completed by School of Construction and Design Technologies' students, including:
    • Applying stone facing to a building for the New Tribes Mission
    • Removing a set of sub-standard steps and constructing new steps and a landing at ITEC (International Technical Electric and Construction)
    • Completing form work, concrete installation, and resetting two sets of bleachers at the Original Little League
    • Shingling the concession stand at the Old Lycoming Little League
    • Foundation work to bring the structure to ground level for flooring at the Cross Roads Christian Church
    • Renovating a portion of a building, which included a handicap restroom, at the Newberry Lions Club Inc.
    • Installing a new counter top and cabinets in the City of Williamsport Police Station
    • Installing a new door and trim at the Newberry Fire Station
    • Pouring a cement aisle with drain area at Bits (Back in the Saddle Horse Adoption Inc.)
    • Pouring concrete steps at the Clinton County Recreation Authority
Health Sciences
  • Health Sciences students (nursing, physician assistant and paramedic) staffed the Fall 2009 Flu Clinics in cooperation with the state Department of Health and the Lycoming County Health Improvement Coalition.
  • The Dental Hygiene Program serves as a statewide training site for teaching existing dental hygienists how to perform local anesthesia. To date, 62 dental hygienists were trained in sessions hosted on campus.
  • Held a bread and pastry sale to support the Akacia Klick memorial fund.
  • Sponsored a table for the SPCA's Sweet Temptations fundraiser.
  • Held the chocolate house auction to benefit Greater Lycoming Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Catering class assisted with Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture's annual conference at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel.
  • Sponsored an item for the Williamsport Civic Chorus Coffee & Dessert Concert.
  • Sponsored a soup for the Williamsport branch of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank's Soup and a Bowl fundraiser.
  • Hosted an Evening of Fine Dining for Bigs and Littles in Le Jeune Chef Restaurant for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
Industrial and Engineering Technologies
  • Automated manufacturing and machining students along with Keith English, instructor of machine tool technology/automated manufacturing, helped Trinity Episcopal Church of Williamsport remake gear shafts and install a new motor in the clock tower.
  • The college hosted the annual American Welding Society Welding Competition for secondary and postsecondary welding students on Feb. 19.
  • Members of the American Welding Society student chapter designed and fabricated a bench to memorialize a former classmate, Colt Jenny, who died in an automobile accident. The bench was presented to Colt's parents on May 24, 2009.
  • Tom Livingstone, manufacturing faculty member, cut out special material parts (wire EDM) for Drexel University.
  • Tom Livingstone, manufacturing faculty member, completed a signature box project for North Central Sight Services.
  • The Welding Department created two sets of stairs for the Community Arts Center stage.
  • Bill Miller, faculty in machine tool technology, performed foundry work, casting several new pieces of hardware for the historic Pullman train car for the City of Williamsport.
  • Plastics thermoformed several light fixture shades for the historic Pullman car for the City of Williamsport.
  • Alumnus Timothy Wentz, who earned a bachelor's degree in civil engineering technology, helped conduct a study of Gold Road in Lewis Township, Northumberland County. The project involved high school physics students as a way to introduce them to engineering as a career.
  • Katherine A. Walker proctored NOCTI Exams for Lycoming Career and Technology Center and Columbia-Montour Area Vocational-Technical School and was graduation speaker for Muncy State Correctional Institution.
Integrated Studies
  • Students in the Advanced Digital Media Production course created informational/promotional pieces for the following nonprofits: Costello Center Physical Therapy (Susquehanna Health), Lycoming County Health Improvement Coalition, Lycoming County Prison, North Central Sight Services, and The Learning Center.
  • Graphic Communications personnel printed, pro bono, the Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue newsletter, the West Branch Youth Football Program, the Montoursville Football Program, a Graphic Design flyer for use in Chicago at Print 09, and Graphic Communications brochures.
  • The Graphic Communications department printed 1,000 flyers for a forum, titled "Exceptionality Forum about People With Diverse Abilities," in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Governor's Cabinet and Advisory Committee for People With Disabilities.
  • Students in the Community and Organizational Change course gave up their Fall Break on Oct. 16 to travel to Akron and volunteer with Ten Thousand Villages, a fair-trade organization that markets craft items for artisans and small artisan collectives in developing countries. The class also sponsored a Festival Sale at the Bush Campus Center Nov. 18-20, and all proceeds were returned to Ten Thousand Villages.
  • Students in the Service Learning in Sociology course adopted Share the Care as their sustainable project and hosted a public information meeting for interested community members on Nov. 4 to recruit community members who could benefit from the Share the Care format and to have students facilitate the creation of the STC for those families.
  • Members of the Service Learning class provided a presentation on Share the Care to a caregivers group at Albright Life, a senior independent living program in Williamsport, on Dec. 2.
  • Brad Nason's Radio Programming and Management class worked with eighth-grade students from Loyalsock Middle School to produce short historical features that aired on WPTC. The middle school students wrote the scripts, which were part of the Revolutionary War segment in their social studies curriculum. Nason's students edited the features, which aired at the end of the semester.
Natural Resources Management
  • Environmental technology management students continue to do the watershed testing in the Greater Nippenose Valley Watershed (this is a monthly event held the first Saturday of the month). Deb Buckman supervises the field and lab testing of the eight sites in the watershed.
  • Mike Dincher's Horticulture Equipment Operation and Safety students used a stump grinder to prepare planting sites for 18 trees, which they planted, at the Susquehanna State Park.
  • Mike Dincher's Arboriculture students evaluated trees in Brandon Park and conducted a class IV pruning in large maple trees at the northwest corner of the park. The work required rigging and was done in cooperation with Tim Carlin, Williamsport city forester and Penn College alumnus.
  • Mike Dincher's Arboriculture students pruned trees and removed stumps at the South Williamsport sports complex.
  • Carl Bower presented the Montoursville borough with designs the Computer Aided Design students did for the Indian Park entrance.
  • The School of Natural Resources Management donated annual plants from the spring bedding plant sale to Way's Garden.
  • Heavy construction equipment technology: operator emphasis students built a new entrance and installed a drain pipe for the Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue.
Transportation Technology
  • Aviation hosted an Inspection Authorization renewal in November for 100 participants.
  • The collision repair restoration class restored a 1965 Mustang for the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum.

On Campus

Construction and Design Technologies
  • Concrete Construction classes traveled to Earth Science and poured flat work in all the pole buildings as well as flat work in front of Earth Science's mulch bin. The class also placed flat work in front of oil tanks and a 3-foot apron in front of the entire length of the pole building.
  • Concrete Construction classes poured numerous bench pads along with several picnic table seating areas at the Village.
  • Concrete Construction classes performed the setup and concreting of the posts for the solar panels on campus.
  • Concrete Construction classes poured a 30-foot by 130-foot pad for bleacher placement at the soccer field.
Industrial and Engineering Technologies
  • Matthew Kline, welding and fabrication engineering technology student, produced weight racks for the training rooms used in the Physical Fitness Specialist Program and students taking fitness classes.
  • Electronics and computer engineering technology students Kenan Kessler and James Caplinger replaced the mechanical graphing unit on the Brabender machine, located in the Plastics Manufacturing Center, with an electronic interface along with a new graphical user interface.
  • Student Stephen Dursma, electronics and computer engineering technology, helped refurbish a rotational molder in the Plastics Manufacturing Center with a new user interface.
  • Electronics and computer engineering technology student Casey Miller upgraded the inventory control system in the electronics tool room.
Natural Resources Management
  • Mike Dincher's Landscape Construction students laid out, excavated and installed a Remembrance Garden on Main Campus complete with plantings, seating and a steel sculpture as its major focus.

Student Awards/Competitions/Accomplishments

Business and Computer Technologies
  • Three teams of accounting and business students achieved a Global Top 100 ranking in the International Business Strategy Game for the period ending April 4.
  • The Students in Free Enterprise team placed second at the 2010 State SIFE Competition.
Construction and Design Technologies
  • Wayne Sheppard accompanied a team of students to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Annual Convention, held in San Diego in February 2010. The students earned the following achievements: fifth place in the Overall, first place in the Safety category, and third place in the Project Management and Scheduling category.
  • Chris Barlow, Mark Shaffer, and Keith Webber, seniors in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning design technology program, were selected to represent Region III at the national level for the ASHRAE Design Competition. They evaluated and selected HVAC systems for a hospital in Florida based upon energy consumption, sustainability and economics.
Industrial and Engineering Technologies
  • Manufacturing engineering technology students Matthew Cox and David Blumenfeld completed a summer 2009 fellowship at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They were among 150 students selected from colleges and universities across the nation. Their research included 3-D printing (Cox) and creation and measurement of a five axis part (Blumenfeld).
  • Four Penn College students accepted 2010 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships at a National Institute of Standards and Technology laboratory. Students David M. Blumenfeld, of Lincroft, N.J.; Matthew C. Cox, of Selinsgrove; Patrick McCormick, of Howell, N.J.; and Michael Vandervort, of Reynoldsville, will contribute to ongoing research projects under the guidance of a NIST scientist or engineer during the 11-week program this summer at NIST's Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory in Gaithersburg, Md.
  • Seven plastics students (Bradley Stroup, Alan Tate, James Gorham, John Gudonis, Brennan Wodrig, Chris Kohler and Ryan Newman) participated in a study-abroad program in Northern Ireland. Subsequently, four graduating seniors (2010: Stroup, Tate, Zachary Poust and James Fanelli) and one alumnus (2009: Daniel Dietrich) were admitted into the Polymer Engineering master's degree program at Queen's University Belfast.
  • Penn College plastics students James Fanelli, Bradley Stroup, and Zachary Poust teamed with nanofabrication students from Pennsylvania State University to research plastic- or polymer-based nanocomposites. This project was a pilot joint-learning exchange to build a cooperative relationship between the Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization and the Penn College plastics program.
  • Stephen Dursma, Kenan Kessler, Casey Miller, Richard King, and Kevin Rose attended the IEEE Region 2 student conference in Philadelphia. Kessler took second place in the brown-bag design competition.
Integrated Studies
  • Eight students in graphic communications and graphic design participated in the Print 09 Trade Show in Chicago. It is the largest print-related event in the world and showcased many equipment manufacturers, vendors and suppliers. In addition to the show, Penn College had a booth at Print 09, which gave the students opportunities to interact with many vendors, printers and students. Students also visited two Chicago-based advertising agencies, Draftfcb and Shaffer Condon Carter. In both settings, students saw first-hand how an ad agency fits into the graphic communications process and how a typical ad campaign takes shape. Students were accompanied by Joanne Knepp, Kevin Sullivan, Tom Tyberg and Jim Lentz.
  • At the Flexo Forum in Las Vegas, students Margo Welshans and John Balevicz were selected from more than 20 other applicants to receive two of 10 $2,000 FTA Scholarships.
Natural Resources Management
  • The senior environmental technology management students presented their project overviews at the annual Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators on March 13 in Blue Bell.
  • Students finished third overall and placed in virtually every category when the college's School of Natural Resources Management hosted five schools in the Mid-Atlantic Intercollegiate Woodsmen's Meet on April 17. The students placed as follows:
    • First Place
      • Dendrology – Benjamin A. Walk, Montgomery
      • Men's Crosscut – Coy R. Weller, Middleburg, and Brian A. Tomassacci, Shickshinny
      • Pulp Toss for Distance – Coy R. Weller
      • Team Log Roll – Sandra M. Angstadt, Kutztown; Michael C. Frantz, Loganton; Brian A. Tomassacci and Coy R. Weller
    • Second Place
      • Men's Chain Saw – Michael C. Frantz
      • Pole Fell – Matthew A. Daubert, Burnham, and John P. Gildea, Bear Creek Township
      • Women's Crosscut – Sandra M. Angstadt and Amanda K. Fetter, Stevens
    • Third Place
      • Archery – Coy R. Weller
      • Men's Bolt Split – Coy R. Weller
      • Pole Fell – Michael C. Frantz and Brian T. Tomassacci
      • Pulp Toss for Distance – Brian T. Tomassacci
All Schools - SkillsUSA Competition
  • Eight Penn College students earned gold medals at the SkillsUSA Pennsylvania Leadership and Skills Conference, held at the Hershey Convention Center from April 14-16. Seven students placed second, and another finished third. Penn College's top competitors and their categories are: Robert W. Brobst, Precision Machining Technology; Christopher M. Clemens, Internetworking; Christopher M. Gayman, Aviation Technology; Andrew J. Jaconetta, Diesel Equipment Technology; Cody J. Miller, Culinary Arts; Nathan G. Myers, Welding; Matthew D. Romanowski, Masonry; and Ashley R. Wingate, Nurse Assisting. Returning with silver medals were Zachary Bahr, Industrial Motor Control; Robert T. Berrier Jr., Technical Drafting; Charles D. Peterson, Auto Refinishing; Thomas S. Rafferty, Carpentry; Nicholas R. Rieber, Automotive Service Technology; Allan R. Shimmel, Architectural Drafting; and Nicholas L. Siegman, Residential Wiring. Brittany A. Hoey, of East Stroudsburg, finished third in the Plumbing competition.

State/National/International Recognition of Faculty

Business and Computer Technologies
  • Terry Girdon led an International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education accreditation team in its evaluation of two campuses of the European University in Fall 2009.
  • Terry Girdon was elected as vice chair of the IACBE Board of Directors.
Health Sciences
  • Dr. Gregory Frailey, medical director of the Paramedic Program, was named to the board of directors for CoAEMSP, Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Profession. Mark Trueman, director of the Paramdic Program, was invited to become a site visitor for CoAEMSP.
  • Rhonda Seebold traveled to South Africa as part of the People to People delegation through the American Dental Hygiene Association, ADHA.
  • Dina Wilson, nursing faculty, was named an item writer for ATI testing programs. ATI is a remediation, tutorial and testing package that assists in preparing students for their nursing board examinations. She traveled to Kansas City June 26-27 to work on this process.
  • Charles Niedermyer, instructor, baking and pastry arts, was awarded a Judge's Prize: Artisan Breads in the second annual America's Best Raisin Bread Contest, sponsored by the California Raisin Marketing Board, in October 2009.
Industrial and Engineering Technologies
  • Kirk Cantor was invited to present polymer extrusion seminars in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta in summer 2009. He was asked to co-chair the international conference, Plastic Extrusion Asia, in March 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Kirk Cantor presented at a three-day Extrusion Seminar & Hands-On Workshop hosted by the Plastics Manufacturing Center. The annual event, which attracts industry members from across the nation, combines the expertise of Cantor and well-known extrusion consultant Chris Rauwendaal with the training capabilities and industry-equipped facilities of the college's plastics and polymer technology department. Rauwendaal presents course topics in a multimedia format, and Cantor leads participants in hands-on training, including use of the college's extrusion and testing equipment.
  • Drew Potts, instructor of civil engineering technology, organized a discussion by alumnus Philip W. Kresge, senior director of natural resources for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. The presentation, "Concrete's Role in Sustainable Development," discussed concrete's "green" qualities.
Integrated Studies
  • Professor Mark Noe was the program chair/planner for the 26th Annual Conference of the Sport Literature Association in London, Ontario.
  • Barbara Albert presented two workshops at the Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education Summit, Oct. 26-28, 2009. The summit was co-sponsored by Pennsylvania Child Care Association, the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning, and the Pennsylvania Head Start Association. More than a thousand professionals in the early care and education field attended the conference. The titles of the two presentations were: "Professional Behavior: How to Make Ethical Decisions" and "Meeting Ethical Challenges: Especially for Directors." In both workshops, the Code of Ethical Conduct from the National Association for the Education of Young Children was reviewed.
  • Chad Lower was selected to write 10 articles for the Encyclopedia of Math and Society. He was selected by Golson Media after responding to an invitation to academic editorial contributors. The Encyclopedia of Math and Society is a new reference work on the role of mathematics in everyday life, to be published by Salem Press in 2011. It will be a comprehensive encyclopedia intended for high school, college, public and academic libraries and will include three volumes of approximately 500 articles.
  • William Ma attended the American Mathematical Society (AMS) sectional meeting at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky., in March 2010. He presented "Estimates of the Hyperbolic Metric on the Twice-Punctured Plane" with Jinxi Ma of Beihang University. In this talk, they provided various estimates on the hyperbolic metric of the twice-punctured plane and applied them to improve Landau's Theorem. In addition, they gave an improved upper bound on the hyperbolic metric of the twice-punctured plane.
  • Jim Lentz was re-elected to the Board of Directors of the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications and will serve another three-year term.
  • Anne Marie Furdock was elected councilor-elect for the Allegheny Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, which comprises a one-year term as "elect" followed by a two-year term as councilor. Duties include representing Allegheny Branch of the American Society for Microbiology at the American Society for Microbiology annual general meetings.
  • David L. Evans was appointed to the editorial board of BioScience. BioScience is the monthly, peer-reviewed journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences. AIBS is an umbrella organization for around 200 biological-sciences societies. In his role, Evans will seek contributors and peer reviewers for the journal, specifically in human biology. Evans' positions as a member of the editorial board and chair of the Public Relations Committee for the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society will help facilitate that goal.
Natural Resources Management
  • Carl Bower was elected to a three-year term on the Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association.
  • Debra A. Buckman presented a two-hour workshop titled "Macroinverts – Take Your Students Out in the Cold" at the annual conference of the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators.
Madigan Library
  • Tracey Amey, assistant professor, librarian and department head, co-presented with James Dougherty III, manager of instructional technology in the Instructional Technology and Distance Learning Office, "Implementing an Enterprise Streaming Media System" at the 2010 Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, held Jan. 13-15 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel.
  • Tracey Amey, assistant professor, librarian and department head, was elected to a two-year term as networked resources chair for the Executive Committee of the Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania, of which the Madigan Library is a member.
  • Marilyn Bodnar, professor and librarian for instructional initiatives, was selected by the Association of College and Research Libraries to participate in its Information Literacy Immersion Program, Assessment Track, held in Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 2-6, 2009.
  • Marilyn Bodnar, professor and librarian for instructional initiatives, was asked to serve on the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the Pennsylvania Library Association, West Branch Chapter.
  • Patricia Scott, associate professor, librarian and archivist, was elected chair of the Pennsylvania Caucus of the Mid-Atlantic Archives Conference.
  • Patricia Scott, associate professor, librarian and archivist, was asked to serve on the users group of the Lycoming County Women's History Project.
The Children's Learning Center
  • Director Karen Woland Payne was invited to present a workshop on Grant Writing at the annual conference of the National Coalition of Campus Children's Centers, held in Orlando, Fla., in April.
  • Teachers Leah Tressler and Jennifer Bay presented a workshop on "Here's What We Did Today" at the Pennsylvania Early Childhood Summit conference in State College in October 2009.

National/State/International Recognition of Programs

  • Wine Spectator "Best of Award of Excellence" received by Le Jeune Chef Restaurant.

Accreditations Achieved

Business and Computer Technologies
  • Penn College became a Certified Internet Web Professional-authorized Academic Partner, permitting the college to offer two examinations aligned with the CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification.
Heath Sciences
  • The Radiography Program has been accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology since 1974. In the fall of 2009, the major was again reviewed and in January received notice that the major was in complete compliance will all JRCERT Standards. The major was given an eight-year accreditation status, the maximum awarded.
  • The Paramedic Program (associate degree in emergency medical services & certificate in paramedic technician) was reaccredited on Jan. 21 by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education programs, CAAHEP, for five years. This is based upon the recommendations and site visit of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Profession, CoAEMSP.
  • The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, CAAHEP, awarded continuing accreditation to the surgical technology program in May.
  • The nursing program received a five-year full accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accreditation Council in January. As part of the process, the faculty created a new Systematic Plan of Evaluation for ongoing review, assessment and decision-making for the program.
Industrial and Engineering Technologies
  • The Computer Aided Drafting Technology major was recertified with American Design Drafting Association for 2009-2010.
  • The Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET reaccredited the following programs in civil engineering technology:
    • Associate degree in surveying technology
    • Associate degree in civil engineering technology
    • Bachelor's degree in civil engineering technology
  • The Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET reaccredited the following programs in plastics & polymer engineering technology:
    • Associate degree in plastics & polymer technology
    • Bachelor's degree in plastics & polymer engineering technology
Natural Resources Management
  • The Forest technology program was evaluated and accredited by the Society of American Foresters.
  • Ornamental horticulture: landscape technology emphasis has been granted full accreditation at the two-year associate-degree level for meeting the Landscape Contracting Model Curriculum established by the PLANET Landscape Contracting Accreditation Board.
Transportation Technology
  • The Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering reaccredited the Automotive Technology Management major.
The Children's Learning Center
  • Renewal of Keystone Stars four-star status and certification by the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL), as well as continuation of accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools Early Age.

Student Affairs

Career Services staff offered a number of special presentations and services. Photo by Cindy D. Meixel

Initiatives & Programs

Academic Support Services

Small Group Tutoring

  • In response to students' request for tutoring in a quieter environment with more focused attention, Academic Support Services began small group tutoring in Fall 2009. SGT is advertised to students as the opportunity for them to meet with a trained tutor in a quiet, distraction-free environment to work on the material for a single course. Utilizing rooms that had previously been occupied by the Act 101 program, SGT was first made available for MTH 004, MTH 005, MTH 006, Biology and Chemistry for two hours per week for each subject. In Spring 2010, hours were extended for these subjects and additional small group tutoring for MTH 151 and MTH 153 was added.

Academic Support Services Portal

  • The Academic Support Services portal was fully launched with information on Tutoring Center hours, specific subjects and tutors hours, Supplemental Instruction hours and locations, Project Success information and links to register, TRIO Student Support Services information, and staff identification/contact. It continues to expand and grow with new information and services.
  • In April 2010, Academic Support Services launched an addition to its portal page that offers students short, online workshops to help them be successful at Penn College. The online workshops are called H2O (How To Online) and offer tips on how to be more successful in classes. Three online workshops were added to the page: 1) Learning Your Way! Part 1; 2) Learning Your Way! Part 2; and 3) Prepping for Finals. Two additional workshops were planned to be added by June 30. In addition, workshop handouts and links to additional information are available on the site.
  • Two club sports teams began/continued the planning steps to be recognized in 2009-10, 2010-11 – Equestrian Club and Wrestling
Campus Police
  • Developed a protocol for exchange of police reports between Williamsport Bureau of Police and Penn College Police. This exchange provides the Williamsport Bureau of Police with criminal report information for statistical purposes in obtaining grant funding while providing Penn College information on student criminal and behavioral issues.
Counseling, Career & Disability Services: Career Services

Backpack to Brief Case Program

  • In collaboration with Alumni Relations, Career Services presented this program as part of Senior Send-Off Week in the Spring 2010. Along with Backpack to Brief Case, Resume Boot Camp and Interviewing Jump Start programs were offered.


  • In the age of technology students need a way to create their portfolios online while ensuring there is a level of professionalism in creating the electronic portfolio(s). During Connections 2009 and Welcome Weekend, ePortfolio was launched through the ANGEL learning management system.

Facebook Page

  • Career Services took to utilizing social media to enhance student outreach. Launched in January, the page is used to communicate Career Services programs and activities as well as outside opportunities and organizations. The Career Services page has 295 "friends."

Mock Interview Expansion and Guide Booklet Development

  • Requests for student mock interviews rose exponentially this year (from less than 20 requests in 2008-09 to 156 requests this year). Historically, the process left the students with nothing in hand to refer back to at a later time. To address this shortcoming, a Mock Interview Guide booklet was created. This is intended to be a valuable tool for not only the students but for faculty as well. The dramatic increase in requests for mock interviews were a result of inviting faculty to create a classroom assignment connected to the mock interviews, whereby students had to submit their mock interview rubrics to their instructors for a grade. This is one example of how marketing directly to faculty and tying career development to course content has shown benefit to students.


  • Wetfeet is an online resource for students and alumni. The site is loaded with career information, current trends, tips and tricks for finding and getting jobs, and hundreds of videos. There are also several online career guides students can download.

Job Location & Development – Career Gear Clothes Closet

  • Piloted last year, the Career Gear Clothes Closet was fully developed this academic year. During the past academic year the Career Gear Clothes Closet opened its doors to address this student need and the response campus wide as been astounding.
    • Donations to date valued at over $14,000
    • Since its inception, more than 100 students have selected professional clothing to wear for either a job interview or to the Career Fair.

Nontraditional Careers – Advisory Committee

  • This committee was formed to share information, ideas, and expertise relating to nontraditional career students. The participating members serve as an important advocate and contributor to gender equity and student relations, providing leadership, experience, and commitment to the recruitment and retention of students in nontraditional career majors at Penn College. The initial meeting was held in May.
Counseling, Career & Disability Services: Counseling


  • This year the department adopted the Medicat Electronic Medical Record System. A shared system with Health Services, Medicat has moved the office into electronic appointment and record keeping.
Counseling, Career & Disability Services: Disability Services
  • The Coordinator of Disability Services is a member of the Lycoming County Governor's Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities. The Committee partnered with the Lycoming County guidance counselors to develop a transition program to fit the needs of students with disabilities transitioning to the workforce, post-secondary, military, and training facilities. On Oct.16, 2009, the Student Transition Conference was held on campus. The keynote speaker was a graduate of Penn College and also a business woman in Williamsport. Six districts in Lycoming County sent 50 students to the conference. Various agencies in Lycoming County participated, including MHMR, Social Security, representatives from the Armed Services, Center for Independent Living, Hope, BLaST Intermediate Unit 17, PHEAA, Career Link, and various Penn College representatives (Disability Services, Career Services and Penn College students).
  • Collaborated with the Coordinator of Veterans Affairs and the Counseling department to design and implement veteran-specific outreach activities to assist the veterans in transitioning from the battlefield to the college campus. The Veterans Transition Services Information Session was held on Nov. 11, 2009, for Penn College veterans, veterans returning from deployment, their families and the general public. Representatives from Williamsport Vet Center, Lycoming County Office of Veterans Affairs, Pennsylvania Career Link and representatives from Penn College (coordinator of disability services, coordinator of veterans affairs and a counselor) presented information about transitioning back to civilian life. Topics included education planning, veterans' education benefits, employment, drug and alcohol awareness and suicide prevention. Four veterans attended the session. Although this was a small number, there was dialogue between everyone regarding specific issues and appropriate referrals were made to outside agencies (i.e. OVR).
Residence Life
  • Free Laundry Program – The cost of laundry is now included in each student's housing costs. Key benefits include added convenience for students and less maintenance and auditing of change process.
  • ResCenter software – Major initiative to create an online work order system so students would be able to submit works orders directly to maintenance (24/7). System will improve response time and automate the work order system for General Services personnel by providing personal handhelds to each General Services mechanic working in the residence halls. This project will also extend into 2010-11.
Student Activities
  • Foundations – Created to replace Student Organization and Treasurer's Workshops in Spring 2010. Foundations is a day-long leadership workshop held on a Saturday early in the semester to update all student organizations on policy updates, provide president and treasurer training, and offer other organizational management sessions to assist with the development and growth of student organizations. Fall 2010 saw the full implementation of Foundations.
Student Affairs
  • The Parent Program Task Force began to implement a renewed structure and phased approach to engaging, involving, and providing information to parents. Under the banner of "Parents as Partners," the task force is working with offices and departments across campus to target information specifically to the parent audience.
  • Intervention efforts and related student support services intended to ameliorate alcohol-related difficulty experienced significant growth and improvement during the 2009-10 academic year. The percentage of students who experienced contact with a support specialist following an alcohol related issue rose from approximately 80 percent in 2008-09 to over 90 percent in 2009-10. Additionally, the number of repeat student alcohol offenders was minimal and student feedback regarding the support services was overwhelmingly positive. BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) is the primary intervention utilized with student alcohol offenders. Research has shown that brief motivational interventions such as BASICS can have a tremendous impact with regard to empowering students to develop the maturity necessary to self advocate via responsible conduct.

National or State Recognition

Academic Support Services

Tutoring Center

  • Six tutors were newly certified for College Reading & Learning Association Level I certification.
  • In the PSUAC, Penn College teams went 112-43-1 (.723 winning percentage), captured two championships and took three seconds, which helped the college win its second consecutive Chancellor's Cup. This award is given to the school that earns the most points throughout the year for overall success in the conference. Penn College ended with 65.5 points and runner-up Penn State Beaver had 59.
Career Services
  • Dana Suter, Job Location and Development coordinator for Career Services, was chosen to co-chair on the Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 2009 Teleconference Committee. The committee began meeting in December at PHEAA and the teleconference was held in March 2010.
Student Health Services
  • Carl Shaner and Elliott Strickland were chosen to present at the American College Health Association's 2010 annual meeting. The presentation, "Developing and Maintaining an Impaired Student Recovery Area on Campus," focused on the impact and benefits of the ISRA on the college and the community, as well as associated liability issues.

Department Highlights

Counseling, Career & Disability Services: Career Services

Job Location & Development (Earn & Learn Program)

  • 222 students registered for the program
  • 88 job postings (despite significant outreach, economic circumstances negatively impacted part-time job offerings)

Placement Services

  • Penn College Career Hub
    • 988 job postings
    • 259 active employer accounts
    • 1,264 active student accounts
  • On-Campus Recruiting
    • 31 employers
    • 494 students participated
  • Career Fairs
    • 209 employers
    • 1,988 students attended
Student Activities: Greek Life
  • The first sororities at Penn College, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma, recruited their founding members in Fall 2009.
  • Deferred recruitment was suspended for the two organizations for their first-semester. All 12 first semester women who were among the founding members performed better – with an average 3.02 grade-point average – than the average first-semester female student, who attained a 2.46 GPA.

The Presidential Leadership Program began its first year with 50 student participants. Those returning will be the first class to start Year 2 of the program.

Student Health Services

Dealt with the H1N1 influenza outbreak which, at its height, caused a 71-percent increase in student visits. Health Services responded quickly with education, vaccinations and increased office hours.

Major On-Campus Collaborations

Disability Services

Accessibility in Information Technology & Media Focus Group

  • Collaborated with numerous departments across campus to address accessibility issues in information technology and media. The focus group is outlining barriers that students, faculty and staff are experiencing in instructional technology, media or information technology.
Residence Life
  • Learning Community Development – collaborated with faculty and deans in the schools of Transportation, Health Sciences, and Hospitality. Also, Residence Life collaborated with Student Activities in creation of a Leadership Community. The development of the learning communities was set to reach fruition beginning Fall 2010. Learning community focus will continue to be a collaborative opportunity throughout the next several years.
Student Activities
  • The offices of Residence Life, Student Activities, Health Services, Athletics and Dining Services partnered on a variety of PC3 events to engage students during their first three weeks at the college.

Community Involvement/Impact/Collaborations


A number of student athletes participated in Reading with the Wildcats at Sheridan Elementary School. Program participants were members of the Student Athlete Advisory Council.

Campus Police
  • Officers Eric Spiegel and William MacInnis and Norman Hager were assigned to the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force. The Task Force was responsible for the apprehension of more than 500 felons wanted by federal, state and local authorities. These case involved individuals wanted for homicide, assault, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, narcotics violations, weapons offenses and financial crimes.
  • In collaboration with Student Health Services, a presentation was given to SADD Conference attendees about Transition to College Life. The program presented the dangers and influences of alcohol and drug abuse and their pitfalls while transitioning to college life. This program was so successful that a request was made by Saint John Neumann Regional Academy to have the same presentation given to all its high school seniors annually.
Career Services

Camp Ophelia

  • Dana Suter, Job Location and Development coordinator, with the assistance of Danielle Liddic, nontraditional support/career development specialist, coordinated with the Williamsport Area School District to provide an evening of career exploration activities for 30 middle school aged girls and their mentors. Topics included leadership, teamwork and communication as well as information about the SMART Girls program.
Student Activities

Students from all 50 student organizations contributed 6,561 hours of community service to the Williamsport community.

Student Accomplishments/Awards

Student Activities

Women's History Month
Forty-four Penn College women, including students, faculty and staff, were recognized at the 2010 Awesome Women Exemplars reception.

Student Activities Awards Banquet
Held in April, the following End-of-the-Year Awards were given:

  • SGA Cup Points Winner – Penn College Construction Association (PCCA)
  • Most Improved Student Organization of the Year - PCCA
  • Outstanding Student Organization of the Year – Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
  • Adviser of the Year – Barney Kahn
  • New Student Leader of the Year – Matt Johnson
  • Student Leader of the Year – Adam Yoder
  • Student Leader Legacy Scholarship recipient – Megan Pennington
  • Senator of the Year – Randy Kuhar

Penn College Awards
The following graduating seniors were recognized at the May event:

  • Bryann Bingaman
  • Lindsey Fackler
  • Kati Foster
  • Alesha Frazier
  • Alyssa J. Giedroc
  • Julianne Grega
  • Stephanie J. Irvine
  • Bradley Jackson
  • Chris Kessler
  • Samantha Mills
  • Kyle Pfueller
  • Steve Ritter
  • Mark Shaffer
  • Juliette Yeager


Campus Police
  • 5,851 (6,035 in 2008-09) parking permits issued
  • Revenue for Student Scholarship Fund $35,910 ($33,060 in 2008-09)
  • Officers attended a total of 810 hours of training.
  • Liquor Law Violations decreased by 8.3 percent
  • DUI arrests increased by 13.5 percent
  • Drug arrests decreased by 18.6 percent
Career Services

Placement Services

  • Sample of companies on campus this year – CIA, Cummins, Siemens, Honeywell International, UGI Utilities, Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, Schneider Electric, John Deere, Hensel Phelps, Turner Construction, Gilbane Building Inc., ExxonMobil Chemical, Penske Truck Leasing, Universal Well Services, and PPL.
  • Review Services: Almost 700 student office visits, résumé review e-mails and phone calls.
  • Employability Workshops: Career Services provided 71 individual faculty-requested comprehensive employability workshops, serving 1,150 students.

Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement
Mark Strachan, left, president of Global Thermoforming Training Inc., gathers with members of the college community and other guests in the new Thermoforming Center of Excellence. The center includes a CNC trimming machine entrusted to the college by Geiss Thermoforming USA. Photo by Larry D. Kauffman
  • Penn College and the Penn College Foundation received in-kind donations of equipment, technology, materials and supplies from business and industry for instructional purposes valued at $663,734.91 and cash donations totaling $1,139,811.80, for a total of $1,803,546.71.
Corporate Relations
  • Campus Visits – Thirty-three new or expanded relationships with industry. Some examples are: The Williams Companies, Case Construction, Cummins Bridgeway, Sanofi Pasteur, Siemens Energy and Automation, Schneider Electric, Universal Well Services, Alcan Cable, Antique Auto Club of America, ExxonMobil
  • Significant Equipment Donations and Partnerships:
    • John Deere Foundation – $12,000 scholarship grant for welding students
    • DuPont Performance Coatings – $5,000 support for collision repair lab assistant
    • Ransome CAT – Diesel Marine Engine
    • Nissan North America – 2006 Infiniti Q45
    • PPG – $7,600 in paint supplies and Envirobase waterborne paint system
    • Cummins Bridgeway – five diesel engines
    • Siemens Energy and Automation – six automation PLC systems, software and training
    • Johnson Controls – six condensing units
    • Geiss Thermoforming USA – renewable entrustment CNC trimming machine
    • Honeywell – 10 System Automation Controllers
    • PPL – $3,000 support for electrical and power generation majors
Penn College Fund
  • The 2009-10 Penn College Fund campaign registered a 10-percent increase over the 2008-09 campaign, once again fueled by a significant increase in donations by Penn College employees. Overall the fund received $145,767 in gifts and pledges, compared to $132,979 in 2008-09. Employees donated $97,450 in 2009-10, an increase of $16,228, or 20 percent, over the previous campaign. The number of employee donors and the number of employee gifts each increased 6 percent, from 345 donors/461 gifts in 08-09 to 364 donors, 487 gifts in 2009-10.
    • Overall alumni giving increased by 3 percent in dollars ($46,483 to $48,032) although the number of gifts decreased by 15 percent. Alumni employees increased dollars by 35 percent ($18,429 to $25,070) and number of gifts by 26 percent (133 to 167).
  • Worked with the Student Government Association to raise funds for the Student Leader Legacy Scholarship Fund and to educate current students about the importance of supporting their future alma mater. The scholarship fund was created by the SGA in 2006. Through donations to the "Feed the Pig" piggy bank drive, voting for the Homecoming court, a Homecoming car show, and a silent auction, SGA raised more than $3,000 for the Student Leader Legacy Scholarship Fund. The fund is set up to make annual awards while building to a permanent endowment of at least $25,000, and the SGA also made another $1,000 scholarship award in April for a student returning in the Fall 2010 semester (total $3,500 in scholarship awards since Spring '06). The Student Leader Legacy Scholarship Fund encourages student leadership by using leadership activities on campus and in the community as a primary consideration in selecting award recipients.
Alumni Relations
Homecoming 2009 Queen Stephanie Woite and King Brian West, both representing the Penn College Construction Association. Photo by Jessica L. Tobias
  • Nearly doubled the number of alumni receiving our monthly e-newsletter with more than 8,000 e-mail addresses on file.
  • Welcomed alumni to campus and their respective schools to participate in recruitment of prospective students at the spring Open House by sharing their experiences at Penn College and in the workplace.
  • Provided 300 alumni with access to the Penn College Career Hub, an online job search tool.
  • Celebrated Homecoming Weekend 2009: Connecting The Pieces: Past and Present Unite by hosting reunions for graduates of Williamsport Technical Institute and former Penn College Ambassadors as well as marking the 30th anniversary of the Paramedic program.

Other related features:

  • Horticulture students installed plantings, seating, and a steel sculpture to create a new remembrance garden on the main campus. The garden will honor alumni, retirees and friends of the college who have passed away and provide a place for survivors to gather in remembrance.
Special Events 2009-10
  • Coordinated a dinner celebration for the 20th anniversary of the formation of Pennsylvania College of Technology. Members of the Penn College Board of Directors, the Foundation Board of Directors, and the Corporate Advisory Board attended. The dinner was preceded with a reception in The Gallery to view the exhibit "Were You There? The Evolution of a College Campus." This retrospective display chronicled the history of Penn College from the formation of Williamsport Technical Institute to Williamsport Area Community College to the present-day campus.
  • Coordinated a ceremony to recognize significant donors to the School of Natural Resources Management at the Earth Science Center and dedicated an inscribed paver in their honor in the conifer garden walkway. A total of 51 inscribed pavers were installed in this walkway to recognize supporters of scholarships to benefit students enrolled in the School of Natural Resources Management.
Penn College Foundation
  • The 24th annual Golf Classic, featuring two-time U.S. Open champion and current ESPN/ABC golf analyst Andy North, raised in excess of $44,000 for the Penn College Foundation Golf Classic Scholarship Fund. This was the largest amount ever raised by this event.
  • The Foundation and college made 844 scholarship awards totaling $827,439 during the 2009-10 academic year.
  • The Foundation established 18 new scholarships in 2009-10.

Business Affairs

  • Opened "The College Store Downtown" during Commencements and Little League Week.
  • The College Store's endowed scholarship became fully endowed with more than $25,000 being contributed since its establishment in 2004. Since FY2001, 90 scholarships have been awarded from the store's direct, unrestricted scholarship program.

Information Technology and Business

  • Implementation of the e2campus text, e-mail and Web emergency alert system
  • eSyllabus project – faculty upload of syllabi into EIS and Angel
  • Pilot of online student evaluations
  • Online tuition waiver
  • Online placement testing
  • Introduction of Angel ePortfolio capability
  • Online course crosswalk system
  • ITS leadership and technical support for Datatel Colleague financial management, human resources, and payroll implementation
  • CollegeNET R25 event management implementation
  • ITS leadership and technical support for PeopleAdmin implementation
  • Expansion of the institution's social networking presence to YouTube and Twitter
  • Stage X telecommunications, classroom technology and computer lab support

College Information and Community Relations

Pennsylvania College of Technology helped mark the Aug. 20 start of the 2009 Little League Baseball World Series. The festivities began with an on-campus cookout for the 16 tournament teams. Photo by Tom Wilson
  • wwwed website homepage and audience pages to feature attractive campus images, including those submitted by students, employees and alumni
  • Launched an online version of the college's quarterly magazine – One College Avenue
  • Completed a four-episode package of "degrees that work" public television series featuring careers in manufacturing-related industries (welding, plastics, automated manufacturing and nanotechnology)
  • Published First-Year Audit of Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Developed a multi-media "commuter" recruitment marketing campaign to attract increased attention/enrollment from local prospects
  • Developed online and print messages to support increased marketing of transfer student prospects
  • Developed online and print messages to support increased interest in "green" careers and careers related to the emerging natural gas industry in the region
  • Supported extensive growth in marketing outreach and media interest in Marcellus Shale Education & Training Center and Weatherization Training Center
  • Developed an expanded partnership with Little League Baseball, which included hosting a picnic for championship series teams on campus prior to the local Grand Slam Parade

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