Universal Language
Service to others leads to a 'truly remarkable' learning experience

Photos by Daniel J. LaSota.

Daniel J. LaSotaDaniel J. LaSota, who earned a bachelor’s degree in residential construction technology and management in May, spent 16 days helping to build a boys’ dormitory for a deaf school in a largely undeveloped area of Palawan Island in the Philippines. The former boys’ dorm was destroyed by a storm, and while the school’s administrators made temporary accommodations, the school was in danger of being shut down without a replacement building. LaSota – who received credit for the work in an independent-study course titled “Construction: International Field Experience” – asked friends to teach him American Sign Language before leaving in order to communicate with the school’s students. Once there, all language barriers quickly crumbled as he worked and played with the school’s students. “All of the experiences on this trip made it unforgettable – and truly remarkable,” LaSota said. He shares a glimpse of his experience on the following pages.

Daniel LaSota, a Lake Ariel native who earned his bachelor's degree in residential construction technology and management in May 2009, has completed several volunteer construction trips both inside and outside the United States. He is an estimator for Construction Specialties Inc. in Muncy.