2008-09 Funding

Operating Budget - $90,064,259

1.95 - percent increase over the previous year
4.80 - percent increase in tuition and fees for Pennsylvania residents

State Appropriation - $14,018,480

includes debt service and special appropriation, a 4.60 - percent decrease over the previous year

Restricted Funds

Grants, contracts and restricted donations - $19,350,408

Debt Service Fund

Money received and expended for debt obligations for outstanding bond issues - $4,282,725

Auxiliary Funds
Tuition & Fees

Pennsylvania residents

based on 15 credits per semester

out-of-state residents

based on 15 credits per semester

fees include:
$15-per-credit-hour technology fee
$39-per-credit-hour capital fee
$31-per-credit-hour laboratory fee
$5-per-credit-hour student activity fee

Grants and contracts awarded to Penn College in 2008-09 supported 47 active projects valued in excess of $41 million; another 50 projects valued at $22 million were under development. Active projects included the state’s largest guaranteed free worker-training program, WEDnetPA, which earned $15 million in funds from the Department of Community and Economic Development in 2008-09.

Penn College and the Penn College Foundation received in-kind donations of equipment, technology, materials, and supplies from business and industry for instructional purposes valued at $777,964 and cash donations totaling $1,261,234.