Budget & Funding 2007-08

Operating Budget — $88,342,511

4.62 percent increase over the previous year

5.93 percent increase in tuition and fees for PA residents

State Appropriation — $14,694,006

includes debt service and special appropriation, a 1.73 percent increase over the previous year

Unrestricted Funds
Restricted Funds
Debt Service Fund
Auxiliary Funds

Tuition & Fees

PA Residents
Out-of-state Residents

Fees include $15-per-credit-hour technology fee $36-per-credit-hour capital fee $28-per-credit-hour laboratory fee $5-per-credit-hour student activity fee

Penn College awarded $1,231,537 in student scholarships in 2007-08, a 25.1 percent increase over the previous year.

Grant funding supported 46 projects valued at $26.9 million in 2007-08, with another $20.1 million (44 projects) under development for 2008-09. These projects are in addition to the $22.5 million statewide WEDnetPA contract for 2007-08.

When state legislators delivered an unexpected increase of $250,000 in the college’s 2007-08 state appropriation, the administration and board of directors returned the additional funds to students who enrolled in the spring semester. A student enrolled for a typical 15-credit load received a $45 credit.

Enrollment reached an all-time high of 6,811 students in Fall 2007. Bachelor-degree enrollments increased more than 5 percent; students in four-year programs of study accounted for 41 percent of total enrollment.